Sunday, February 17, 2013

Meet The New Additions To My Fabric "STASH"

Hi and Happy Sunday to You!
Since we {that is US westies} were made to stay
home with Daddy Wilson while Mommy Katie
went fabric shopping with Aunt Debby we 
are showing our 'dismay' by playing on the
quilt topic Mommy Katie is piecing together.
On the floor it's fair game to play one.
 It's not like we {meaning Derby & I} don't like staying
home with Daddy Wilson ... but we feel it would be
so much more exciting to see those horses and smell 
their ... you ... know ... what!
 Now On To The Road Trip
Deb and I waited to see what the morning weather forecast
was before we decide if it 'was a go' to drive to Lancaster.   We left a 
little later than usual and had no problem at all.

 This sign cracked me up!
Time to order your early order for seeds and chicks.
I have to wonder if this Amish gentlemen placed his order yet.

 Saturday in the Amish countryside ... a lot of buggies
where out and about doing what they do on Saturday.

 Stop #1:  Old Country Store
Stop #2:  Zook's Fabric Store
Stop #3:  Fabric Shack
Stop #4:  Log Cabin Quilt Store

 Deb is saying ... put down the camera
and let's get started shopping for fabric.
Oh ... did we have F-U-N!
 Impulse Purchase
At the cutting table there was a lady getting 5 yards of each
of these fabrics cut from a new line called the Williamsburg Collection.
I would have never picked this out from the many 
shelves and bolts of fabric ... but ... seeing it being cut made me
'want it' ... so I purchased one yard of each.
The colors and design are very sophisticated & I took
the sales clerks advice to buy now since it will be 
very popular this year.  I can see why. 
Even Wilson loved it!
 On sale for 1/2 price ... mushroom with blending fabric fat quarters.
 This picture {as well as the 3 below} are for quilt backs.
 Sock Monkey Fabric
I'm collection Sock Monkey fabric to make myself a fun quilt.

Into Dots 
I didn't realize until I started to sort through all the fabric
that I must have been in a 'dot mood'.  Everything you
see was on sale at a reasonable price.

 As I was taking photo's of the fabric groupings
Derby was on the floor counting.
 More Dots!

 Funny Julep trying to get Derby to play with her.
 Derby trying to finish counting.

 Totally an impulse purchase.  I have a collection
of fairy fabric I will probably save because I love
it so much ... unless {of course} someone begs
me to make them a fairy theme quilt.
 The total piece count is approximately 67.
In the past I have purchased more then 67 pieces but this
time my fabric is cut into 1 to 3 yard pieces with very
very few 1/2 yard pieces.

 Derby thinks I need help with my fabric addiction
I think I need help with finding a place to store
all this fabric!

... Have a Great Sunday ... 


  1. Shop shop shop! I see paw prints and sock monkeys....Yeah! Happy crafting :D

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  2. It is so beautifully quaint were you live but at the moment is does look cold. Stay warm. Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Wow, you sure did get a nice stash there. Lots of fun fabrics. Glad to hear the weather wasn't too bad.