Saturday, March 23, 2013

Happy Saturday To You!

 Good Question, Julep!
That's another possibility, Derby.
 Wilson taking pictures of our peony plant.
 For what Starbuck's costs
I hope this coffee plant takes root!
 It took a crew of 5 landscapers
 3 solid days to clean-up and mulch 
all our flower beds.
I can't image how long it would
have taken Wilson & I to do
the work of this crew.
Blue Jay Waiting 
We want our peanuts ... now!
 Julep ... nice and comfy.
 I turned this photo into a 
semi-poster look of Derby.
 Julep ... why are you so pretty?
 Derby is getting ready to launch into Julep.
 I'm making my way through the quilt tops
I put together ... but Mr. Derby decided
to sit on the back of one 
which is impeding my progress.
 Just Our Beautiful Julep
 Julep & Derby spent yesterday supervising
the landscapers ... meaning barking out orders.
We finally had some piece and quiet
for a few hours ... until we had a surprise 
visit from a wild turkey.  You would have
thought this was the first time J&D
saw a turkey in the yard.  They went
nuts - literally nuts - barking, barking,
and more barking ... running in
and out of the house trying to get
at that bird.  By the way, the
turkey was totally unfazed
with all the commotion going on.
 Will we put floor windows in our 
next house ... good question!
As much as we love seeing the turkey {and
other wild life} come through the yard
it drives the westies bonkers ... I have 
a feeling this lone turkey will come
back {next time with his buddies} to
eat the new grass seed.  If only we had
room in our freezer ... get my drift?


  1. Ha ha we were wondering if Mr.Turkey was around. Dog TV is the best but the problem is there is no mute button, LOL! Glad the beds are ready for Spring whenever it decides to make an appearance.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I have some wild turkey around too! Hey, I am hoping to see your coffee plant take root too. Those landscapers definitely need snoopervision from time to time, so good job!

  3. Well if you and Wilson are anything like Wade and I at lawn and garden work it's a good thing you had
    Let me know if that coffee plant grows because I could use one of those too :)