Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lights ... Camera ... Action ...

All photo's were taken in about 1 minute.
It started when Julep came into the back bedroom to
see what I was doing ... Derby was waiting to attack.
Notice how he went up behind her?  He does this when
he wants to play ... so there goes my nicely pressed quilt.
 I knew they would turn those cute westie butts around
and come back to roll around on the quilt.
 Julep is sniffing his you-know-what!

 It's not your eyes ... some of the photo's are blurry.
 Julep in her playful stance.
 The first westie blur is my girl Julep.
 That's Derby going after Julep's neck ... but not for long!
 Derby is getting sniffed by Julep ... again.
 At times they play rough - that's what westies do - 
but they really love each other.
 They had enough ... so now I can straighten out
my quilt top and get back to work.
Did I mention that Julep has this internal clock?
 At 4:30p.m. everyday she finds me and starts smacking
her cute little black lips.  She is letting me know she wants
me to stop what I'm doing and serve her dinner.
When Julep wants dinner ... she wants dinner.
She will bug the living daylights out of me until she gets it!
Have A Great Sunday
It Will Be Nice To Have That
 'Extra' Hour Of Daylight


  1. BOL after all is that not a play mat? Pip does that at dinner time trouble is I give in and I have noticed 4pm is now 3pm. You don't get to being 15 without learning a few tricks. Have a super Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh, these photos have made my day.....they are so cute! Bonnie does the same thing when she wants her meals. She has a little whining growl, so I know that she means food and not something else! She has another little look and growl for water.

  3. I gotta get another Westie for my house -- looks like fun and I love to play rough too!

  4. I love the action photos!! Finn knows when it's dinner time too. Guess food is their #1 priority!

  5. they sure are having a great time.

  6. Derby and Julep give your quilts their seal of approval by playing on them.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  7. Just came over from Ann's to say hi. Off to see your sewing blog.