Saturday, March 30, 2013

Meet Kaityln & Cole

Kaitlyn & Cole are our grandchildren
living in sunny California.
We have 5 more grandkids in California.
This year we sent gift cards {to Target}
for Easter so they buy exactly
what they want - they are
at that age.
 I filled 2 big boxes full of Easter things 
for Kaitlyn & Cole.   Their boxes had
everything from glitter egg dye to
sprinkle cupcake mix to bright colored straws
 and chocolate Easter Bunnies
 with the biggest ears you've ever seen.
Below are the 'thank you' notes/drawing.
 Palm Tree Easter ... Created by Kaityn
My $2.00 Rebate 
I'm saving the $2.00 Kaitlyn took
from her piggy bank.  She wanted me to go
shopping ... how sweet is that!
Vintage Easter Print
I love these classic drawings.
 Eggs ... Created by Cole

Kaitlyn ... Is This The One
With The Money In It? 
I wish I had Kaitlyn's curly hair and
I'm willing to bet that when she gets
older she'll wish she had my
straight hair.

Stop by
And read the poem called Bunny's Revenge.
Happy Easter Saturday


  1. Oh thank you for that! Most kind.
    The children looks so happy.
    We wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday and a Happy Easter. We hope the bunny brings many goodies to you all. Enjoy.
    Very best wishes Molly

  2. Your grandchildren are beautiful!!! So sorry that they live so far away, I guess you do not get to see them near as much as you want. Her curls, wow!!! I love their creative cards too, especially the palm tree. Sending you that $2.00 was really major,so generous! I can imagine how beautiful your box was. I love your vintage Easter pics, especially the rabbits wearing Easter eggs and dancing.

  3. AW that is so so sweet! They are adorable!

  4. Your grandchildren are AH-dorable! :D I bet they love playing with your Westie babies. I hope y'all have a blessed Easter!


  5. What cute grandchildren you have. That is just the sweetest pulling money out of her piggy bank to send to you.
    I hope you have a wonderful Easter.
    Love the background you have up today

  6. What a cute post! Your grandchildren are SO cute!! I love that she gave you the money out of her piggy bank!! Happy Easter to you and your family!