Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Quilting Labels: Every Quilter Needs Their Own

 Derby snuggled up in his little bed while
I sat at the dining room table and worked
on my quilts all day today.
My quilting labels arrived!
There were so many incredible
choices on the Customlabels4u
website that I finally decided to go
with a whimsical theme.
Please visit the CustomLabels
website - they offer many other
custom printed items besides
 The first label I sewed on.
I picked the sea turtle quilt
which is going to my mom
on Sunday.  It's hard to see but I
did a tiny bit of beading as I 
was attaching the label.

 With a such a beige front I
wanted something bright and
bold for the backing.
 It's hard figuring out what will
work for all the westie rescues.
Is neutral best or bring colors?  
 I pulled out the red paw fabric for a bright
front with a simple flower design on the back.
 I have a stack of quilting label 
you can write on so I'm making them
work with my new custom printed labels.
It does take time to do the
extra sewing of the custom label to the
plain label, but it's worth it.
 Julep checking my work on
the big-block quilt.
 Derby ... always checking every
square inch of everything!

Thursday project ... sewing the binding
on my crazy mushroom quilt.
Then I have 2 more quilts ready
to be quilted.  One rescue 
sent me the backing for their quilt
which is Texas wildflowers.
Bright and cheerful I will have
enough leftover fabric to make
them a few doll outfit to use
for fundraising.


  1. Derby and Julep are so pretty! Wow, another talent you have! There are a lot of quilters in this area. I am sadly not one of them. My favorite here is the sea turtle quilt, i have never seen anything like it!

  2. Those labels are such a clever idea. As always lovely work. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I like your quilt labels, very cute and I can see the beading on the first one. Clever idea.

  4. I like your Blog..such gr8 design...