Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome To Our Play Time

 Julep up close and personal with the camera.
 I'm trying to work ... they are trying to play.
 These two are a scream when they get started.

 Not the most 'flattering' photo of Julep from behind!
 Derby is looking for Julep.
 Surprise ... Julep was hiding in my dressing room.

 I didn't think Derby could open his mouth that much!
 I know better - this is not the end of their play time.
 That's Derby showing the teeth.
 Hey Julep you can't see Derby if you have your
head wrapped in the table skirt.
 Why does Derby look like he did something wrong?

 Derby puts his 'butt-of-approval' on this one.
Doing some very simple quilting on this top which
isn't that large.  Now I have to pick out the binding
which will be a project for Friday.


  1. Wow pawsome game of hide and seek. Derby & Julep look like big balls of cotton wool. So cute.
    Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I know how lively just one Westie can be so it's got to be double trouble Love the up close and personal shot.

  3. I didn't know pets like to play hide and seek, too. Must be fun watching them played. they are too cute!

  4. love your AG patterns. My 10 yr old grand daughter has just renewed her love for Alexis (her look alike AG doll) after the doll was sent to the AG Salon (to have a "make over" on her very curly hair) I am also teaching her how to sew and I know she would love to say "look what I did" and make her doll clothes and maybe some for herself to match. Any help for finding patterns would be a blessing.
    Thanks for your time to read this and I hope to hear back soon, Loretta

    1. Loretta - can you leave me your blog address or e-mail - I have a few download patterns I could share ... Katie