Thursday, April 25, 2013

Breakfast at The Inn at Perry Cabin & The War of 1812

 Leaving the westies sunning on the deck
Wilson & I went over to the Inn at Perry Cabin
to take photo's and have breakfast.
 Julep & Derby told us to have a nice
time and [by the way] we won't miss you!
They were mad because they couldn't go.
 Outside the front of the Inn
under the cherry tree in full bloom.
 The driveway to the main entrance.
 Your first introduction to the Inn.
  The reception area is one room over.
A sitting room.
 The outside patio.
When it's open we'll take the westies for lunch.

 Tulips ... my ultimate favorite spring flower.

 From the patio a view of the Miles River.

 Part of the Wedding Crasher move was filmed here.

Captain Oliver Perry 
So here we have it the real reason to have breakfast at the Inn.
Wilson was asked to be the 'official' photographer for a book 
[that is currently in the works] on the War of 1812.  
The group he's working with needed a photo of Captain Perry
and the group needed a 'group' photo for the
book jacket - so this is why I came along to photograph
the photographer and his group.  I'm not complaining.
I did get a free breakfast out of the deal and met
the group of ladies working on this book.
 Oliver Hazard Perry

Captain Oliver Perry (1785–1819) may be best remembered 
for his understatement “We have met the enemy and he is ours,” 
after capturing a whole British naval squadron against all odds in 
the Battle of Lake Erie. But a year later, the “Hero of Lake Erie” 
was in Washington, D.C., and then in Baltimore assisting
 the Chesapeake defense.

Born in Rhode Island, Perry joined the US Navy at age 13, 
first serving on his father’s ship, the 30-gun U.S. frigate 
General Greene. By 1813, he commanded the naval forces on Lake Erie
 where he led his small fleet to victory over the British on September 10.

On September 5, 1814, Perry erected a gun battery at 
Indian Head on the Potomac in an attempt to harass the British 
moving down the Potomac after the 
surrender of Alexandria, Virginia.

Perry went to Baltimore to take command of the 44-gun 
U.S. frigate Java, which was under construction, but the action 
on the Potomac proved to be his last command of 
the war. Peace came before the Java was completed.

Oliver Hazard Perry - The War of 1812 Begins:

Ordered south in 1810, Perry had Revenge refitted 
at the Washington Navy Yard. Departing, the ship was badly 
damaged in a storm off Charleston, SC that July. Working to enforce 
the Embargo Act, Perry's health was negatively affected by the heat 
of southern waters. That fall, Perry was ordered north to 
conduct harbor surveys of New London, CT, 
Newport, RI, and Gardiner's Bay, NY. 
On January 9, 1811, Revenge ran aground off Rhode Island. 
Unable to free the vessel, it was abandoned. 
A subsequent court-martial cleared 
Perry of any wrongdoing in Revenge's loss.

Taking some leave, Perry married Elizabeth Champlin Mason 
on May 5. Returning from his honeymoon, he remained 
unemployed for nearly a year. As relations with Great Britain 
began to deteriorate in May 1812, Perry began actively seeking 
a sea-going assignment. With the outbreak of the War of 1812 
the following month, Perry received command of gunboat
 flotilla at Newport, RI. Over the next several months, 
Perry grew frustrated as his comrades aboard 
frigates such as USS Constitution and 
USS United States gained glory and fame.
 The Library

 Parrot Tulip

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  1. I really enjoyed this post. Not only is the setting charming, the flowers beautiful, and the breakfast sounding to be a delight --- but I really enjoyed the history lesson too! Thanks for sharing!


  2. What a fabulous place. Everything is charming. Glad you had a great time. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. What a beautiful place! Lovely flowers and a delicious breakfast too. And I loved Wedding Crashers!

  4. Since I live in Erie county I'm quite familiar with Captain Perry (well not personally but his
    That is a beautiful inn and can't beat a free breakfast