Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Zig Zag

 My sweet boy Derby will be 4 years
old in May ... not to mention
Ms. Julep will be 5 on April 25.

 Can you zig-zag?
I didn't think I could but I did.  
This is a new pattern I put together
for Chris's Outreach group. 
As with anything new it takes me time
to figure it out. Mr. Derby and
Ms. Julep didn't help except for running
on the pieces and  messing up my
entire first layout.  (Say nasty words here!)
 Not wanting a repeat of "lets mess
up the quilt layout" I purchased
a 'design wall' which is basically a 
sheet of heavy plastic with a sheet of
light felt on the other side.
This light felt keeps your fabric
layout in place but allows you the
flexibility to move the pieces around
until you have the layout just the way
you want it and NOT the
way the westies want it!
 Derby sits on every quilt I make!
 Inspecting the Fons & Porter
design wall purchased at 
JoAnn's for $24.00 - worth
every penny.
 Since I had the concept of the
zig-zag quilt fresh in my brain 
I decided to make another.
This will go to one of the many
westie rescue groups as a
donation to raise money.

My first zig-zag quilt top.
 Wilson took this picture of us at 
the Robert Morris Inn Sunday 
night. I do think this is a 
nice group shot.
Made for Westie Rescue Austin, TX.
WRA sent me 2-1/2 yards of the 
Texas wildflower fabric for the
backing of a quilt & a few American Girl
outfits.  I have until October  to
complete their donations.
Have A Great Day


  1. The zig zag patterns are fun. Glad you had a great weekend. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Just beautiful! Those zigzags are terrific! You accomplish so much sewing so quickly. I wish I could work that fast.

  3. Wow! I love those zig zags!

  4. Love that zig zag pattern. You really are good at the sewing projects