Saturday, May 18, 2013

Car Ride / Walk

 Taking the westie for a car ride & walk.
 Julep & Derby have their very own seats
in the back of the SUV.  Here of late Derby
has been getting into Julep's seat ... why, I don't know.
 In the car and ready for adventure!
 The eastern shore is full of fields with bright yellow buttercups.  
 It's nice to see the St. Michaels harbour with boats
tucked into their slips for the day.
 A new water activity ... you can rent the boards and
paddle among the boats (you won't catch me doing this).
One good wave and I would be taking a photo of this lady in the water!
 No ... Thank ... You!

 The first nice size yacht of the season.

 That's one thing about living in St. Michaels ... we have a lot
of restaurants which are all pet-friendly.
 The Selina II coming in from her two hour evening
 romantic sailboat ride on the Bay.  We keep talking
about booking a cruise but never do.  Guess it's 
because we live here and think it's a tourist thing 
to do ... but maybe this year ... we'll do it.
 The Sultana
The Sultana is a reproduction of her 1768 namesake used by
the British Royal Navy to enforce the notorious tea taxes
in the years preceding the American Revolution.   Built in
Chestertown, MD and launched in 2001, the new Sultana's
mission is to educate students of all ages about the history
and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.
To learn more about the rest of the fleet visit:
 I like the name of this small boat "Summer Wine".
 Beyond the Sultana is the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum.
Since Wilson photo classes are held at the Museum he saw the new 
exhibit on the War of 1812 which he said was excellent.  
 Wilson with his tiny camera!
Did I mention Wilson is teaching a 3 part class for beginner
photographer's  in how to use your digital camera? 
For the class he had to buy a small point & shoot camera. 
Wishing everyone a happy and fun weekend.


  1. You live in such a lovely place. Opps the Sultana and that tea tax. Hmm we got our comeuppance for sure. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Oh I wish I was in Wilson's class, I need help with my photography.
    Sweet William The Scot

  3. so many pretty places. I can't swim but I love to look at water.

  4. what a gorgeous place to live. I don't think we have any restaurants that are pet friendly around here