Monday, May 20, 2013

Kate's Garden

 Leaving the westies at home Wilson & I went to dinner 
at Kate & Felix's home just down the road from us.
 Before we ran the door bell I stopped to take pictures
of all the flowers in their front garden.
 It's that Iris time of year.
 Meet Kate Blackwell
Kate is an author who spends half her time on the eastern shore and the
other half at their home in Washington, DC.  They just came back
from spending a month in India and shared a few interesting stories.
To learn more about Kate & her book please visit her website
Dinner was lovely and I'm sorry I missed taking a photo
of Kate's husband Felix.  He is the designer behind their lovely gardens.
I found this color iris so unusual.  

History of the Iris

Iris plants were first introduced to the garden around 1479 B.C.
King Thutmose III of Egypt saw the flowers growing in Syria and 
wanted some for his garden. He enlisted his botany experts and the
plants were brought to Egypt where they flowered in his gardens.
Louis the VII saw the flowers in Egypt during the 12th Century Crusades 
and had them brought to France. He also adopted the flower as 
a symbol of his conquest and it became his personal crest.

Felix mentioned the tiny orange flowers are a form of
California poppy which re-seed each year.

Strange yet interesting.

Have a nice Monday & great week ahead.


  1. The flowers are beautiful. Have a marvellous Monday.
    best wishes Molly

  2. so many beautiful flowers.