Saturday, May 11, 2013

Meet Larry, Moe & Caroline!

 The 3 Ducks
They have taken over our yard and our flower beds and I
think they are looking for a nesting site.
Come Monday the pool will be uncovered ...
can't wait to see how they react and what happens next.
It was Mr. Derby who did all the barking and
carrying on today.  Julep watched every move but didn't bark.
 Guess the grass is greener over there.
 In and out all day ... from the deck ... to the
bedroom window ... back out to the deck.
It was crazy all due to the 3 ducks.

 Taking a short cut over the pool cover.
 The latest plants blooming in the garden.

 Tuesday the westies are scheduled to get groomed and
 I get to play with the new scottie puppies that the
groomer has.
Don't worry I'm NOT coming home with one.


  1. Wow you get some great critters in your garden. I could bark all day long at them too although it would drive peeps mad. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

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  3. I can imagine what it was like with those ducks out there and 2 little westies wanting to get at