Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Westies & Quilts

 Doesn't Julep look pitiful?  That's because it's raining and
she can't go outside to play.
Let's play on the fabric. 
Wouldn't you know as soon as I pressed the back for
my current 'quilt-in-progress' and put it on the floor Julep
decides to play with Derby on the fabric, of course!
 If it makes them happy ... we'll I guess I'm sorta happy.
(ask me that when I'm re-pressing what they messed up)
 No it's not two rams ... it's two westies!
 What you don't see is Derby is hiding behind
the table were Julep is laying.  Does she or doesn't she
know where Derby is ... I bet she does.
 Julep, don't let your guard down ... he's sneaking out!
 So after playtime on my once-nicely pressed quilt-in-progress' back
Derby decides to come out and lay on the 'quilt-in-progress' front!
 As we all know ... Derby has to lay on every quilt I make.
This is one of the two quilts using the Williamsburg Aster fabric collection.
And the question is ... will the pool overflow or not?
 Just Derby
Derby under the Little Sailor Boy quilt. 
I finished this one several days ago and forgot to post the photo's.
 This one will be hard for me to give-a-way.
 Julep has her turn under the quilt ... as you can see
she is totally excited - not!
 Hard to see but the light blue fabric has a tiny sailor & anchor
pattern - the navy w/white & the white w/red have a
tiny anchor pattern.  This quilt wasn't planned - I just happen to
have all the right fabrics in my stash.
4th of July is right around the corner.
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  1. Lovely work as always. Hope the rain has stopped today. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You mean you aren't putting that fabric on the floor just for them?....lol
    That sailor boy quilt came out awesome. It's nice to know that all of your quilts are personally tested by Derby and have his paw of approval

  3. I see why you are having a hard time giving the sailor quit away. I would too. Derby and Julp are always so playful. I need some of their energy.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I love the second picture from the top! I'd give anything to be there to laugh. Great photos!