Friday, July 19, 2013

It's So Hot ...

 Julep & Derby love to bake themselves on the deck
in the hot summer sun which is nothing new. 
A lot of the westies I see on Facebook do 
exactly the same thing.
 Derby was too hot to sleep in the bed.
 Found this on Facebook.
 In this heat I decided to finish the
items for Westie Rescue Austin, TX.
They requested a quilt & a few AG dresses
for their fall fund raising event.  
One of the ladies from the rescue group
sent me the Texas wildflower material 
to use on the quilt back.  I had enough
leftover to make a dress.
 The pumpkin dress & Snoopy Christmas 
dress turned out so cute I really
didn't want to give them away ...
but I did ... because it's for an 
excellent cause ... westie rescue. 

 Julep ... in the lap of comfort.
You don't want to see our Delmarva Power
bill ... yikes ... and double yikes!!
Makes my stomach sink every time
I see that bill in the mail.


  1. Oh not the dreaded power bills. We hate them arriving too. Have a fabulous Friday and stay cool.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Bonnie likes to sun herself on the deck, too....for about five minutes! Then she comes inside and stretches out on the limestone floor in the kitchen.

    Your American Girl dressed for the auction are so cute, Katie. You rock!

    Enjoy your weekend, and stay cool!


  3. Duke's not a big fan of being out in the sun for very long when it's real hot.
    The dresses are all adorable and I hear ya on the electric bill. You wouldn't think that for just two of us we could rack up such a high bill