Thursday, August 15, 2013

Bayside Quilters August Meeting

 I have quilter's brain & I'm proud of it!
 Chris has finished her term as Queen of Bayside's
Community Outreach Program.  The new queen
will have some mighty big shoes to fill.
 Pillowcase dress kits being passed out by Barbara. 
These dresses will be sent to {Africa} I believe next year.  
 I bet you didn't know quilters have summer camp also!

 A few quilts from the Show & Tell portion of the meeting.
 Sandy and her grand daughter {a future quilter}.
 The Guild's speaker for this month was Peggy from
Peggy's Sewing Center.  She spoke about what to do
with all those tiny leftover scraps of fabric.
 Now that quilt took a lot of scrap pieces!

 Peggy showed us many more of her quilts & gave
us plenty of great ideas ... but then the battery in my camera died!

I sent this idea to my sister who has SO much
more fabric then I do.  She mentioned to me she was running
out of closet space ... so now she can use that old empty filing cabinet
in her office to stash fabric and no one will ever know!

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  1. Great idea with the filing cabinet. Nice one. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly