Sunday, August 4, 2013

Derby & The Bug In The Jar Quilts

 It's Sunday morning and Derby is relaxing
after a nice big breakfast.
 With not a care in the world.
 He looks so comfy ... I wish I would have slept in this morning.
 For the twins Alex & Owen the
Bug in the Jar quilt pattern.
These guys are so darn cute!
 When I talked with the twins mom she mentioned that
the quilts should be similar but different enough so
each boy would know which quilt was his.
 That was easy to do by using their favorite color
for the background ... but I also wanted to
change it up just a little more.
 Both of the quilt backs are the same.  Deb
and I had so much fun finding all this
fabric on our last shopping trip to PA.
 Here are a few little things I did with the
fabric placement.  First, all the center jars are in the
exact same place but what I did for the side 
jars was reverse them.  What jar was on the
right on one quilt was on the left in the other.
 Out of all the fabric ... only two jars have the same fabric
but it's a different print fabric in each quilt.
 Then for the side rectangle borders I placed one
so the patterned fabric design faced into the quilt and
on the other quilt the patterned faced out.
And each quilt was placed in its own pillow case.
I won't know how the boys like their quilts since they
are at the beach on vacation this week.  They
will have a nice surprise waiting for them
when they get back.


  1. Even love the pillowcase. Nice one. We hope you have a serene Sunday and take some time out for some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. LOL Every westie I know takes a nap after breakfast! What a cute idea for a quilt, Katie! I love it!