Thursday, August 22, 2013

Julep On The Rooster Quilt & Me & My Sister Twin Quilts


 Since Julep had the rooster quilt
Derby took Julep's spot on the sofa.
 Butt-pressing by Julep!
 The last of the rooster fabric.
This extended lap quilt will be given
to Carol who runs the Farm Fresh Farmers
Market in St. Michael's during the summer
and into the fall.  Carol sells eggs and various
herbs at her market stand ... so this is
just perfect for her! 

 The quilt label embellished with tiny
buttons and a few glass beads.

 I only had enough fabric to make one
chicken pillow case.  Putting the quilt in a
pillow case does makes a nice presentation.

... Holiday Pillow Cases ...
Scottie in the snow pillow cases are from vintage fabric.
I contacted the manufactured and found out they will not be
re-printing this material [what a pity!].  
All the westie rescue groups are now looking for items to
sell for holiday fund raising events.  Many of these rescue group
get those sick westies that have come from a horrible puppy mill
situations or those that are dumped at a shelter
because the owner doesn't want to deal with various health issues
... so the rescue angels come in to nurse them back to health.
 ... Please keep in mind ... 
If you are creative and would like to contributed something
you make to a westie rescue organization {I know them all}
please let me know and I will gladly send your items
to the appropriate rescue group to use.
 ... Me & My Sister Quilts ...
 On Monday I had a visit from Jocelyn and Jayla.
I've been making American Girl doll clothing for them
since last year when I met them at a Michaels craft store
near my sisters house in Bel Air. It must have been fate when
I told them where I lived and Lauren {their mom} told
me that the girl's grand mother lives in the same town I do.
So Jocelyn and Jayla came to spend a few days at
grand mom's but first they had to stop in for a visit.
 I whipped these quilts up in record time.
I had this panel sitting around since last year and wasn't
sure what to do with it ... so I had the brain storm to
cut the blocks apart to created this fun quilt.
Of course the quilts are similar but different.

 All the blocks have two little girls so this is
why I named the quilts ... Me & My Sister.

 I had two blocks leftover and you know me I
don't want to waste a single piece of fabric
... so I made two tiny pillows.
I had the pillow cases done [which I was going to mail]
but since J&J came for a visit I used the cases to hold the 
quilt and tiny pillow all tied nicely with ribbon
and a big bow.  The girls were so active I didn't even take
one picture ... but I did have chocolate cupcakes with
homemade butter cream icing and all my sprinkles lined up
on the table ready for them to decorate when they came in the door.
 It was a very exciting and active visit and they wanted 
to stay with me and not go to grand mom's house.
Julep loved the girls and wanted to help lick the
 icing from their fingers so they didn't have
to wash their hands ... Derby was a little shy
and always had them in his sight but didn't
get near ... typical Derby.


  1. Love the rooster quilt. How cool a gift is that for your friend with the eggs? Nice one. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. The rooster quilt is great. Perfect for someone who runs a farmers market.
    The me and my sister quilts are adorable. Sounds like you had a nice visit with the girls