Saturday, August 24, 2013

Various Things!

 The line-up
Left - Derby  Center - Me  Right - Julep
Prior to leaving for Ed's big 80th birthday party
without the westies!
 Happy 80th Birthday 
 The theme was James Bond which goes back
to rumors of what Ed did in a 'former life'.
I'm not asking for any more information!
 Ed and Cindy saying a few words to the party guests.
... From James Bond to Hunter ...
 When I saw Hunter's picture on Facebook I just
had to make him a set of car pillow cases.
The red car behind Hunter is his bed.
Pretty cool fabric if I do say so myself. 
 This fabric was on the free table at the last quilters meeting
which happens to be perfect for Hunter.  So he received
two sets of pillow cases from me.
... From Hunter's pillow cases to Foxy's for dinner ...
 It was a beautiful night so we met Laura and Cary at
Foxy's for burgers and drinks.

 Laura & Cary love to come to St. Michaels on the
red rocket.  We'll be seeing them on Sunday
for our once a year dinner at the Crab Claw.
I had Wilson pull over on the way home so I
could take this sky picture.  Hopefully, my big
girl camera will be back from Nikon soon.
... Hope you're having a nice weekend ...


  1. Have a serene Sunday and we hope you get your camera back soon. Bond night looked awesome.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love the table setting for that birthday party.
    Hunter looks like a little cutie, and he sure does like his cars doesn't he