Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Mother Lode Has Arrived!

 Yes Julep the food is here ... and in case
you don't know what Mother lode is
let me tell you the meaning ... it is
a principal source or supply ... so I
guess you can call me
Mommy Katie Mother lode!
I Want Food ... I Want Treats 
And Julep answered Derby by saying ... 
treats are food haven't you figured 
that out yet!
 Julep [the alpha dog] takes first sniffs when
it comes to inspecting the bag.

Green Tripe = Stinky 
Stinky means ... having a strong or unpleasant smell 
in this case green tripe has BOTH
strong AND unpleasant smell but it so
wonderful for dogs.
.. .. ..
Beef Spare Ribs
Julep & Derby love these but I'm
very careful when they have them because
they are thin so after about 20 minutes
I take them away.  As with anything I take
away from them I replace it with something
else even if it's a tiny-tiny treat.  A little
thing I read a long time ago.  
If you take ... you replace!
 I feed K-9 Kravings Raw 98% of the
time but I do like to mix up their raw food
from time to time with other raw food brands. 
 If you haven't figured it out yet westies
are chewers.  Since marrow bones are very
rich they only get these ever so often
and even then I scoop out some of the
rich marrow ... westies are chewers you know!  
 Julep & Derby have no allergies to
various proteins so they get a variety of 
meats.  I semi-thaw the chubs and slice about
1" from each chub then package 2
different meats together and re-freeze.
Been doing this for about 5 years now
so I've got it down to a science!
More things to chew on!
How much did all this cost?
I don't even look at the receipt anymore!
Have a great evening ... it's now time
I fix Julep & Derby's dinner as
5:00p.m. is fast approaching.


  1. I hope you will be reading this comment. After you wrote about K9 Kraving and showed a picture of the supplements that you give your babies, I went web looking. I finally found a man who sells K9 Kravings. He is over an hour drive from us. We will buy enough for two months at a time, cut on driving so far. Since this is raw, does this mean you feed it to them that way? I don't know any one who feeds their dog food like this. I am thinking you don't cook it, is that right?

    Would you please write me and tell me how you use each supplement each day. I have looked everything up on Amazon and ready to order. Just need to know how to use them for each meal. This would be most helpful.

    One other question. What do you use for fleas,ticks and Heartworms?

    Here is my email address:

    Thank you,

  2. Does anyone know if Katie reads comments and replies to them? I did a repost of a comment from Wednesday hoping she.will see it this evening.

  3. Oh my, if Duke sees this post I am in big

    Charlotte, yes Katie reads and replies to comments.

  4. Ann, thank you for letting me know. I have read this blog for a long time. Just never read the comments or left one.

  5. Katie, your new comment has me asking more questions.
    All the foods shown above do you buy them from a pet store or order them on line?
    I told you I found a place I can buy the K9 Kravings. He only sells the Beef, Chicken and Veg. I will need something else since Muffus doesn't need to eat that all the time. That is why I am trying to find Something else. I live in a small town, with a Petsmart in the next town over. They do not care things I need. Muffus only eat grain free food.
    Thank you again.

  6. Lucky pups. We know the feeling about not looking at the cost. They are very lucky dogs. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Do Julep and Derby have their very own refrigerator? Look at all the food.

  8. I feed Daisy steamed white fish, steamed brocolli and raw carrots, she loves it and reminds me everyday bang on 5pm that it's time for tea!! Westies are very punctual dogs :)