Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Enjoying the sun and beach while we can!

 This house has many decks which happens to be perfect for a big
family or a group of friends.   Also there is plenty of space as well
as quiet places to chill out and kick back and read.
 Julep is obsessed with all the leaves floating in the pool.
I think she thinks these are something that need to be rescued.
She has gotten her nose full of water several times but does she learn ... no!
 We knew the weather was not going to be great the rest of the week
so we ceased the opportunity yesterday and went to the beach with the westies.
 The wispy clouds mean a front is coming in according
to my personal weather man Wilson.

Derby trying to figure out what he should do next!
 The westies didn't care about the shore birds.
I'm guessing there were too many good sniffs to be had.

 Having a good time on the beach.
The cool thing about coming to Duck ... pets are allowed on the
beach [with leashes] any time of the year.  

 The shore birds didn't care for the westies in their turf [or should I say surf] ...
but the westies had better things to do besides go after these birds.
 Derby stayed out of the surf ... Julep got christened with ocean water.
 Had enough fun for one day ... Derby?
 The boys along the beach.
 Julep is ready to go home and of course Derby has to do
one last sniff in the sand for the road.
 Walking the boards back home.  Our rental is on a dead end
street and this pathway is at the end so we literally are a
hop, skip and a jump away from the ocean.
Our home for the next week ...
Life is Good ... the weather for the week will be so-so but
we really don't care [except when we need to take the westies
out to do their business] ... then that is an issue!


  1. We hope the weather stays good for you. The beach looks lovely and we are sure the dogs are having a great time. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That beach looks so nice and how great that you are practically the only ones there.

  3. Isn't the beach the best!!! Can't wait to get back to the sand!!

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