Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's 5:00p.m. ... do you know what that means in this house?

 At 5:00p.m. sharp - not a minute before ... and ... not a minute after
Julep's little dinner bell rings in her head.
 Just when I was getting in the swing of laying out another
scrappy quilt ... I was interrupted.
 I guess you could say I was a little over zealous when making blocks
for the last quilt ... because I have all these left over!
 This pattern layout is called garden trellis and don't ask me why.
I have a white on white holly print that will separate the columns.
Your eyes do need a resting point on a quilt.
 Here is the pattern and the stack of blocks I have. 
This does not take into consideration all the strips I still have sitting
{actually tossed around} on the floor that need to be made
into something.  I'm thinking of sewing them together in rows 
which is called the lasagna quilt pattern.
Who comes up with these crazy quilt pattern names anyway?
 I finally finished this holiday dress from a new pattern.
 Here are two sections put together ... remember this
is called the scrappy look.
 What the scrappy quilt look represents is every lady who took time
to sent me {6} 2-1/2" strips in two exchanges I was part of.
That's a lot of strips!
 Fabric from Paris, France!
My dear friend JoAnn {and husband Lloyd} recently went on
vacation to France.  JoAnn is also a quilter so in between enjoying
Paris and all the glorious sights she managed to do a little
fabric shopping.  Look what she brought back just for me.
 I really didn't want to open this precious little star of fabric ... 
but I did only to fall in love with each and every piece.
Thanks JoAnn for thinking of me during your vacation.


  1. We too know when it is walkie time and breakfast and dinner time and yes we too do the hurry up it is time routine too. LOL.
    Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. More Christmas fabric--just what you needed--hopefully it can be put to good use or traded!!