Friday, November 8, 2013

Oh Dear ... It's That Deer Time Of Year!

 Our fall visitors are arriving and driving the westies nuts ...
and needless to say the westies are driving us nut as well!
 Resting & snacking before going over to see what goodies
our neighbors have to eat in their yard.
 Having floor to ceiling windows  are they an advantage
or disadvantage?  Guess it depends what time of day it is.
... Julep ...
 Julep on the hunt.

My what big pink ears you have!

 Derby knows the deer are in the woods.
 Tails ... we have one with a curve & one with a straight.
At times this is the only way I can tell them apart.
 The geese honk - Julep barks.  She is a little barker!
 Good morning ... I came for breakfast & all I got was barking westies!
 The deer have set their pattern which is a morning stroll
for breakfast through our yard.  Every year we go through
this and you would think the westies would get use
to the deer ... but they do not!
 See the spot on Julep's back leg?  We had a scare when I found
a big lump last week.  The vet did a deep core skin punch and
sent it out to pathology ... it came back as a fatty lipoma ...
non-cancerous.  Thank goodness!
... Derby in Action ...
It's a busy time of year for the westies as there
are a lot of things coming and going through
the yard to keep them barking busy.


  1. Oh deer bark, bark ,bark. We can just imagine after a while it is not funny. Good news about Julep and we hope it heals soon. Our Ancient Pip is covered in those. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Seems like the deer wake our little barking angels at the first light of day...our natural alarm clocks.

  3. around here it's the humans out for walks that get the barking going in full swing