Monday, November 11, 2013

Strip Swap & Vodka Isn't Always For Drinking!

The Swap:  Christmas Theme: 2-1/2" Strips 
Look at the 2-1/2" Christmas strips I received from the two swaps I joined.
It was fun getting envelopes in the mail full of fabric.
 About a month ago [maybe longer] I joined two Facebook quilting
groups and they both offered fabric swaps at the same time.  
The rules were simple to sign up for the 2-1/2" exchange.
Privately you were sent a list of 10+ addressed, you then sent six
 2-1/2" WOF {width of fabric} to each address - in turn you would get
that many back.  I mailed 28 packages & this is the fabric I received.
 This is most of the fabric!
I used about 15 strips for making my needlepoint canvases into pillows.
 There is plenty leftover for a quilt or two or three!
 I'm not good at blending colors, patterns, or styles of fabric.
Some have a natural eye for this but for me it's almost a painful process.
What do I do with all these strips?
! I need ideas !
I've been monitoring the groups to see what the ladies are doing.
One lady did a totally [busy looking] scrappy block so I decided to
give it a try ... and guess what ... I didn't like it even if I put
sashing in between the blocks!
Cutting 2-1/2" strips to 2" strips for this pattern. 
So it was off to look through books and patterns I've been
collecting for ideas.  I decided on this basic pattern. 
 A practice set to see if I liked the way this looked ... and I did!
 The sniffer westie, Derby!
 What once was nice and neat ... is now semi-neat!
 Here are the 2" strips [of 4 different fabrics] sewn together, pressed,
then cut into 3-1/2" sections.  The next step is to sew a 2" x 6-1/2"
piece of fabric to each side to complete the block.
 With side pieces on ... it's time to press the blocks open.
 The beginning layout.
I will be making additional combinations of fabrics to make different
 4 piece sections.  What I will do with this quilt upon complete is yet to be determined.
Vodka Isn't Always For Drinking!
I really like the product Best Press but it's expensive.  While
reading through one of the quilting groups on Facebook
someone asked what could be use to press quilts as
an alternative to the expensive Best Press.  Several ladies
said combine 3 parts water to 1 part vodka.  How could
I not try this since we've had this jug of vodka sitting
around for at least 10 years!  Well, I have to tell you I will never buy
spray starch again!  The combination of water/vodka gives
the perfect amount of crispness to fabric.  Any cheap
vodka will do ... so the next time you need spray starch
give this simple recipe a try.


  1. Great swap and the vodka tip... well I never. What a fab idea. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. wow, look at all that great fabric. I always have a hard time picking fabrics to go together. I just don't have the eye for it.
    Awesome idea with the vodka. I'm going to have to share that tip with a friend who does quilting