Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A Big Box Arrived From Santa aka Liza & Harry

 Santa & Julep
 The big box of holiday gifts arrived from our friends
Liza & Harry who live in the Myrtle Beach area. 
We do this big exchange every holiday season ... how fun!
 Liza & Harry have a kitty named 'Katie' who they rescued from a shelter.
 I'm guessing Julep must be smelling her on the box which is unusual.
Doing the 'big sniff-over' is normally Derby's job.

 Derby won't go near the box until Julep is finished.

 Derby wants to know if all these are for him.
 There's something about this one box that Julep just has to
get into.  I thought it might have been something for her
but it's actually for Wilson.  

 The westies had a grand time sniffing and moving around the boxes.

 Julep is trying to unwrap the box.

 She was obsessed with ripping the paper off this box so I had to remove
it from the floor.  Wonder what's in this for Wilson?

The word 'no' doesn't do a thing when a westie is focused so the
gifts are now safe on the counter under our TV until Christmas day.
 ... ... ...
Best Wishes For A Grand Holiday Season

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  1. OMD that is one haul of goodies. Not long NOW.
    Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly