Saturday, December 21, 2013

We Have Owls

 Yesterday we received a surprise box from Marsha who is a Facebook.
Her grand daughter has an AG doll & Marsha asked if I could
send her a few outfits as a Xmas gift ... which I did.  Marsha mentioned her
grand daughter likes owls {I love owls also} so I made her an
owl pillowcase and a dress from owl fabric as part of the package.
In Marsha's box we found ... two big bright squeaky owls for
Julep & Derby ... a few packages of treats for them ... a few
packages of treats for us ... and the most adorable pin that
said 'I love westies' ... what fun we had opening the box and
what fun the westies had playing with their new owl toys. 
 Derby took the red owl.  Julep took the green owl.

Derby looks like a little fox face here.

 Derby is an owl hoarder. When Julep left her owl in the living
room Derby quietly went in to get it.
 "I thought they were both for me."
Happy Happy ... Merry Merry


  1. That was kind of you and kind of her in return. Have a hooting good time guys.
    Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. Great pictures--you don't disappoint.

  3. What cute owl toys. They sure are enjoying those. Maybe Derby figured since Julep is the red ball hoarder he can be the owl hoarder.