Saturday, January 18, 2014

Bath Day & Quilting Projects

 Hey Derby ... that's not going to work because you're
first in the line-up for a bath and blow dry.
 A Facebook friend recommended the Emu Oil Shampoo
so I ordered it thru Amazon.  I have to say this is a great
shampoo for the westies - it lathers nicely, rinses off 
without any residue {and with a westie the rule of thumb is
rinse, re-rinse, then re-rinse again} ... the moisturizer in 
the emu oil makes the coat soft {just the opposite if they
were show westies then you would want a nice crisp coat}
... and not to mention how bright white they look.  I do use
the antibacterial shampoo on the feet & tummy area.
 He is the cutest westie I've ever seen and I'm so glad
he's mine ... all mine ... and I'm not sharing.

 Julep has a little 'snow nose' this year so I'm giving her
kelp which is suppose to help not to mention it's a great
supplement for your pet ... as well as omega 3, coconut oil,
krill oil, salmon oil, ester-c and probiotics.
 I'm calling this quilt ... The Beast!
 The completed pieced top was heavy to begin with ... so this is really
going to be a challenge pushing this quilt through my Bernina to quilt.
 This will be 'in-resident' in our living room.  All the pre-cut
fabric which includes everything you see plus the backing fabric
ran me about $125.00 ... found at Cottonseed Glory, Annapolis, MD.
Another work-in-progress quilt!
This lap quilt is being made for a westie organization out in
Chandler, AZ.  They will be using it as a silent auction item
at a speciality dinner at the end of February.  The theme of
the dinner is 'Spring Flowers & Westies' ... so the top is very
simple but the back fabric is a design by Kaffe Fassett who is
an internationally renowned textile artist.  He loves big bold designs. 
 I'm going to cover buttons in red fabric and sew 
them into the middle of each pinwheel for some extra interest.
 You can see how bold the back of the backing fabric is ...
 and you can see Derby doing his quilt thing.
Top colors are relaxing while the back fabric is bright.
Doing it this way I thought it might have more bidding appeal since
you don't know what color scheme is in the home.
 I know some of you may be wondering how in the world am
I getting all this sewing done ... well it's because Wilson is out
in California visiting with his daughter Sarah and grand kids
Kaitlyn and Cole ... thus ... me burning the midnight oil and
burnin' up that sewing machine!
 Totally adorable!
I forgot to post this picture.  The small pillow and stuffed Scottie
dog went to Claire with the matching scrappy quilt.
The little pillow wasn't planned but since I don't like to waste 
fabric I took a few minutes to make it.


  1. Gosh you have been busy and even time for a doggy spa day. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly.

  2. I was planning on giving Duke a bath today and never got around to it. I guess that's on the list for tomorrow

  3. You had been busy; how clean Derby and Julep look!