Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fabric Shopping - Lancaster, PA - In The Freezing Cold!

My ... what a funny tail you have for a westie! 
Derby laying on his de-stuffed raccoon toy.
 Lancaster, Pennsylvania covered in snow
with a high temp of about 7 degrees!

 This has to be cold!
 A raccoon's paradise for the winter!
 I will never complain again about getting into my cold car
& freezing until it warms up and my heated seats kick in.
 And she's not waiting for the school bus!

 The evening sky was beautiful.
 The buggies were out in full force.
 Our next to last fabric stop for the day.
 I said to my sister ... the day-glow vest are probably
the only bright thing the Amish children are allowed to have.
 Deb and I spent the night at the Holiday Inn Express which is
in the Rockvale Outlet Center in Lancaster.  This enabled
us to hit all the fabric stores we wanted without being rushed.
My fabric on a queen size bed.
 In the past I would have purchased [probably] 3 times the amount
of fabric but since I'm doing more quilting then doll clothing
I'm being a little more selective with what I buy.
The light blue winter fabric is beautiful and it's hard to see
the detail and sparkle.  I have several pieces of this line already.
A lady at the cutting table suggested this fabric would
make a beautiful winter table runner.  Suggestion noted!
 The nautical fabric group I really like.  From past experience
if you don't buy it now it won't be there on your next trip.
The Xmas fabric will be put away & the gnome panel [in the back]
will be used to make a pillowcase. I love gnomes and mushrooms.
 Several of the pieces are in 2 yard cuts for quilt backs.
The set of yellows and black flower/bee fabrics was an impulse purchase.
The Paris fabric will be added to my collection for a quilt for a writer-friend 
of Wilson who loves Paris and has family there.
So here you have my latest fabric purchases that will be added to my stash.  
I'll show you the two bolts of flannel westie fabric my sister found for 
me once I get a set of pillowcase's done.  These will be donated
to the Northern New England Westie Rescue
Facebook fundraising auction ... and if I can get it
done I'm thinking of donating a sock monkey quilt.


  1. Love that photo with the raccoon tail!

  2. Beautiful selections--but it sure looked cold. I'll bet there weren't many customers in those stores, so they were probably glad to see you and your checkbook!

  3. What great selection of fabric! the yellow and gray pile really stand out.