Thursday, January 2, 2014

How Did You Spend New Year's Eve?

 Julep didn't make it until midnight.
She decided to take my spot on the sofa
and go to sleep so I covered her with once
was my blanket.   Lesson learned ... don't get up
if you value your spot on the sofa in my house.
In 2014 .... 
Julep will be 6 in April &
Derby will be 5 in May.
 Derby in his spot.  I think we need 3rd
sofa in this house.  One for the westies, 
one for me, and one for Wilson.
 I love our tree and all the decorations.
Wish I had a big closet to roll it into.
 Derby pulled my coat off the table so he could
{sniff} the fur ... what else is new.
 Our New Year's Eve was simple.
I made reservations at Theo's in St. Michaels.
We had an early seating at 6:00p.m. and
made it home by 7:30p.m.
We didn't care for the New Year's Eve specials
so Wilson ordered a prime filet and I
ordered a chicken caesar salad.
At home we changed into our lounge wear and 
watched Time Square on TV 
... all in all ... 
a perfect New Year's Eve in my book.  


  1. We think you had the right idea and we chilled out too and watched the fireworks on TV and had guests for dinner yesterday. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    best wishes Molly

  2. We didn't go anywhere for New Years Eve. I worked during the day and then after dinner at home we lounged on the couch. I was asleep long before midnight