Sunday, January 5, 2014

More Snow

 Derby looks like a bunny here.
 I love snow as long as we don't ...
have to drive in it or lose electricity.

 I stayed inside while Wilson ventured out into
the yard to take snow pictures.
He didn't know I was taking pictures of him and was
surprised and delighted I did so. 

 Just playing around with my Picasa software options.
 Ready to come in after realizing there is nothing to bark at.

 Wilson ventured out to the grocery and came
back and said there was some black ice on the
roads ... good reason for me to stay put and sew.

 Finished my last two holiday themed quilts and
now am hand sewing the binding on ... I'll post
finished photo's soon.   I'm now working on piecing together
a 'scrappy' quilt for a little girl as a Valentine's gift.  These
quilting projects just never seem to end ... and for that
I am thankful!  Keep warm & be safe.


  1. Stay safe and warm and venture out only if you have too. Hopefully this Polar Vortex won't last long. Paws crossed. Have a serene Sunday and get on some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Your westies are groomed so beautifully! We are getting ice rain and I think I like snow better. Our electricity was off 4 hours the day before yesterday. Not much crafts done that day ;-)

  3. I would like snow better if I didn't have to go out in it to go to work. I don't blame you for staying in, that black ice can be scary.

  4. Beautiful photos, the westies blended right in with the snow. Won't they get frostbite?