Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Monday!

 It's been a crazy-busy weekend and it's going to be a 
crazy-busy week.  I'm glad at least Julep can chill because I can't!
 In the midst of craziness I do take tiny blocks of time
just for me and my quilting projects.
 This is made from all the leftover fabric from the pendant quilt 
{that's the one Julep is laying on in the first picture}.  
I almost have this one complete and I'm already thinking 
what my next quilt project will be.
 This small pillow matches the dog theme quilt I shipped off to
Maryland Westie Rescue for there spring fund raising event.
Time to get back to work cleaning out the pantry and
getting things sorted for donation.  Will this ever end?


  1. I love the sweet pillow you made for Westie Rescue. I'm hoping to bring home a Westie baby soon. This grief is killing me! I came over for a Westie fix. Derby and Julep always brighten my day.

    You have the biggest heart, Katie. I'm touched at all you do for the breed. I wish I could bid on that pillow!


  2. Wow busy, busy, busy. We loved that little pillow. Just so cute. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly