Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy Spring

 Things have been buzzing around here and I'm
a little late in wishing everyone a happy spring.

 The Spring Happy Quilt
This is going to Alice who is the grand daughter of our
real estate agents.  Alice also has an American Girl doll.
 The back ... the butterflies have silver sparkles.
 This grouping of fabric was an 'impulse' purchase.
It was on the cutting table at a fabric shop in the Amish country.
The daisy quilt doesn't have an official home as of yet, 
but I may keep it since the Scottie fabric is not the 'best'
quality fabric and I'm afraid it may not last through
to many washing/drying cycles.
I ordered a new 'foot' for my Bernina after watching
a YouTube demo on sewing the final binding on with
the help of foot #71 ... so we'll see if it's as easy
as the quilter made it out to be.  You can't imagine
the 'feet' available for this sewing machine - Bernina
actually sells 2 books on the various feet and what they
do.  I'm lucky I can sew a straight line let alone
worry about trying to learn how to use all those extra feet!


  1. A happy Spring to you too and have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love the springy colors in that quilt and the yellow is wonderful too.