Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Getting Back To Normal

 I want to thank everyone for your kind notes of
concern regarding Wilson.  He's doing much better
but is still on several meds with several doctor's
appointments scheduled.   The next step ... get his
heart back in good working order.  He's on a limited
amount of salt diet and I was shocked when I
started reading the salt content in cans of soup.

 I'm trying to get back to normal around the house.
My Bernina sewing machine is still in repair waiting for
a part.  I find it hard to believe in this day and age with
computer tracking 'they' can't tell me when the part will
arrive!  I find this totally ridiculous so I went to Amazon and order a simple
Janome sewing machine.   I've been piecing together quilts and
making the matching binding getting ready to quilt them when [and if]
 my machine ever finds its way back home.
 The westies love baking in the sun but I do limit the time
they spend out on the deck.

 We have ducks hanging out on the dock but they
just wouldn't stay still for a photo.
Those two tiny specks are the ducks swimming away.
Here is a long view up to the beginning of our creek.
... Have a lovely day ...


  1. We send healing vibes to Wilson and hope he is better. We know all about hidden salt and once you start looking you see it everywhere even in bread. Over here the criminal is sugar which again like salt is in all kinds of things. We just try and stay away from anything processed.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Hope things get back to normal for you soon.. there is a lot of salt in almost all pre-made food it seems...sending healing prayers..
    Lovely photos-- hope your sewing machine gets back to you soon. It does seem kind of ridiculous they can't give you a more definite day that the part will come...

  3. Glad to hear Wilson is doing better. It's tough being on a restricted diet

  4. Sending our healing thoughts! Hope everything is back to normal very soon!!

  5. K.,
    The Westies look so happy to have Daddy Wilson back home again!!