Saturday, May 3, 2014

I Had No Intentions Of Showing You Our Attic!

 As I stated above ... I had no intention of showing the blog
world our attic but I just happen to have my camera in hand
when the westie started to play among my tubs of fabric.
 They are all lined up and ready to be moved.
I can't wait to be able to have them all out again.
Digging in boxes to find what I'm looking for is driving me crazy.

 Derby's so cute ... but he can be a little agitator.
 Julep can't figure out how to get over to Derby.

 Since I put my Bernina in for a tune-up last week I've
been cutting out blocks to have ready to sew.  Which leads me
to the phone call I received saying my machine needed a part
and it will take over a week to get ... so what did I do ... I
when on Amazon and within 5 minutes ordered a back-up machine.
It's a Singer with 600 stitches and came with a lot of extra stuff.
I'll post pictures when I take it out of the box.
 These are all projects in the works.  
 This baby quilt started out as a single fabric panel.  I decided
it looked boring so I cut it into blocks and spaced them
out a little.  I sent this to a Facebook friend who just
had a baby girl name is Charlotte.

 This was super-simple to make.  I've donated this baby
quilt to a Facebook auction to benefits sick dogs in
Cyprus, Greece.  Amazing how I get involved in these things.

The End
Have a great Saturday & do something fun.


  1. Fabulous as ever. Wow that is one neat attic. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You end your posts in the cutest way :) Julep and Derby looked like they were having fun playing in the attic. When you said it was going to take a week for the part on your machine my first thought was sewing withdrawal. Good idea on the back up machine

  3. Laughing....Was just surfing about looking for a Westie Blog and came across this. I thought to myself: Oh, this gal makes quilts. Katie from the Westies Health page makes quilts. Oh look at that one, look like the one Katie just made. is Katie's blog, lol