Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Just A Quick Post

 One more week until the westies get groomed by a new
mobile groomer that will come right to the house.  I don't know
anyone who uses her so I hope J&D don't look like poodles when she's done!
 Derby ... grows coat like crazy and he is such a little
stink pot when it comes to allowing me to do his nails.
 I just need to make buttons for the center of the pinwheels
and then this quilt is done and will be packed away.
 A pretty simple back fabric.
 Pressed, measured, and folded ... these are ready 
to be put away until auction time.
 This quilt goes to my friend Laura.  She fell in love
with the back fabric which sorta works.
 I just finished making the fabric buttons for the small lap
quilt that will go to my sister on Sunday to give to her boss.  
 JoAnn's had batting on sale and I scarfed up another giant 
roll of the stuff.  Actually this is roll #4th which tells you
I've made a lot of quilts! 
 For once this is Julep doing the sniffing and not Derby.
Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by.


  1. The quilts are all so special, Katy. I love the one with the pink and green paisley back. Love it! Great to see your Westies. It's always scary when they see a new groomer. Finlay is a stink bomb. I have to bathe him about every other day with the monsoonal rains we're having. I need to buy him a snorkel!


  2. Great quilts! Hope da new groomer works out.

  3. I wonder if we have a mobile groomer around here. That would be great. Hope yours works out.

  4. Good luck with the groomer. We need to see if we have a mobile one round here as we hate leaving Molly for a whole afternoon at the one we go to but they are very good. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly