Saturday, July 26, 2014

Unpacking After the Class

 Derby gives the basket I took to the Y class a major sniff-over.
No use trying to put things away until he's finished.

 Here are a few pics of the AG clothing I took to class.
 I took about 30 various outfits to display on the table.
 One little girl pointed out to me that I used the same fabric twice.
Which my reply was yes, but these are two different dress pattern.
At least this showed they were paying attention.

The Gnome Pillowcase 
I also showed the girls a few non-doll clothing items all
to inspired them to learn the art of sewing.
 Curved tail ... Julep
Playing with Der under the table.
 Bark .. Bark .. Bark
Julep barking at Derby behind the guest room bed.
Highly unusual spot for them to be in.

You got me as to why there were there. 
 The stuffed dog is another item I showed the girls.

This picture of Derby cracks me up.
He looks like a little old man begging for a treat.


  1. We loved the under the bed shot. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. LOL, that's cutest little old beggar man I've ever seen. He should get two treats :)