Thursday, September 4, 2014

New ... Clean ... Groomed Westies + A Few Quilts

 Fresh from the groomer Derby looks pretty good.
I still need to tweak a few spots but for the most part I'm happy
with the way Ms. Paulette trims them.

 L: Julep ............................ R: Derby
Hard to believe they have the same mother [but different dad].
 Shall we dance?  Derby is a trouble maker.

 Derby ran up the steps and is now waiting for Julep.
Hanging in the background is the binding for the quilt below.
 I had this one done for some time but just decided on the back fabric.
 While I was taking the picture of the quilt [above]
I looked down the hallway and this was my view.
 This quilt is for Kaitlyn and I'll send it out to California
when I get the candy corn fabric to make pillowcases.
This is the last of my Halloween fabric.

 This one is for Cole.  He'll get a candy corn pillowcase also.

 Using some of my 2-1/2" squares to make Scottie dogs blocks
I'm still formulating the layout in my head.
I ran out of batting so these are quilts 'to be'. 
I've been keeping an eye on the JoAnn's flyer waiting for the sale.
Batting not on sale = expensive.
Have a great one, Katie


  1. The view from the corridor just cracked us up. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Julep and Derby look fabulous. I had to reschedule Duke's groomer appointment. Hopefully he'll be well enough that I don't have to reschedule again.

  3. You two clean up well!! Hope you get to go out and show off your new groom! Happy Friday!

  4. Your Westies are gorgeous!I was wondering who the breeder is?