Wednesday, September 17, 2014

We're Back ... & ... We're So Very Happy

 We're back on the Internet {shout for joy here}.
 Here are the pillowcases going with the Halloween quilts I made grand
kids Kaitlyn and Cole.  I understand the kids want Sarah to 
decorate the house already.
 I said to Wilson, we lost our Internet connection.
I think the westies are looking for it in the yard.
 Julep gave up looking and is now napping.
 After our guild meeting last Wednesday I went to JoAnn's to buy a 
roll of cotton batting. As mentioned [in a previous post] those rolls
cost $275.00.  I had a 40% off coupon plus a added 10% off
because I belong to a Guild.  50% off is ok in my book.  At the check
out the clerk said it's Senior Wednesday and Seniors get 20%
off which is 10% better then your Guild card.   I got 60% off! 
 Something new for J&D to play on and around.

 Those are Derby's paws!
 All play is monitored and they are not hurting each other.

 Sunday we had a small family gathering to have lunch and
celebrate my Dad's birthday.  Doesn't he look great!
 Julep wants cake!  Julep almost knocked that cake
out of Aunt Debby's hands.
 I gave Mom her holiday angel quilt early to enjoy.
The back fabric are angels in a spring theme.  
Have a great day, Katie


  1. Welcome back. That was some discount on that batting and Julep and Derby sure do look like they are enjoying it.

  2. Welcome Back!
    Wow….. Mom's never bought a big roll of batting like dat before. Looks like great fun to play on. She also did not know dat Joann's had a senior day. We're gonna have to let Aunty D know.

  3. Welcome back and happy birthday to your dad and love seeing the dogs on a roll LOL. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly