Friday, October 17, 2014

Frozen Quilts ... and ... Flannel Sacks for Rescue

 I've been busy working on 'Frozen' quilts.
 So far I've made one Olfe quilt.  I think this one will be going
out to Cole [our grandson in California] for Christmas.  Unless
he's not into the 'Frozen' thing.
 I also have 3 panels with Elsa and Anna which are all 
basically designed like this one.  I have one more to quilt that I'm
working on using 9-1/2" blocks [which include the Duke of Weselton].
I could take that with me on vacation to finish.  I also have enough
fabric to make each quilt a matching pillowcase.  Can I say
I've had enough of the 'Frozen' theme unless I happen to
get the 7 panels I have on back-order [which I hope they
forgot about].  Normally I would cancel the order but I 
forgot who I ordered them from!
Julep tests the small flannel blankets made with leftover scraps. 
Hands, Hearts & Paw small breed rescue in Omaha,
Nebraska likes me to make small sleeping bags for their
sick dogs.  I've made them out of fleece before but I suggested
to Karen we try flannel.  They can also be inserted into the
fleece bags during the extreme winter months.
My friend Chris {from Bayside Quilters} was kind enough to
donate some of her flannel for me to use for this project.
Since I don't waste an inch of fabric I was able to make a few
 'odd' size blankets which I know will go to good use.
A special thanks to Chris for sharing your flannel fabric.  


  1. Lovely and the little sleeping bags for the sick dogs are great. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love the Frozen quilts and I love your heart of gold for making the bags for the pups in need. Great job; I can see Julep loves being involved as well.