Monday, October 20, 2014

OBX: Day 1

 First thing Wilson did was secure ...
The front upper deck with plastic fencing.   We can leave the westies
out there unsupervised.  This is their spot to watch what's going on in
the vacation 'hood'.  They would sleep out there if we let them.
 What a nice surprise we had this morning - a mini rainbow.  
 Our view of the ocean between the houses.  As I type this
post I'm listening to the ocean waves crash on the beach.

 Watching and waiting for man, dog, or wild creature!
Julep & Derby will need a vacation from the vacation.
No morning nap, no afternoon nap ... they don't want to miss a thing.
For lunch we put them in the car and drove to
Five Guys Burgers.  We cracked the back windows and
they had their little noses working all the way taking
in the different smells.  Happy westies they are!
 Now Deck #2 is okay to let them out on but I do
keep one eye on them while I'm sewing.

 I did see Derby push his entire head through the
pickets trying to smell or look at something. 
 Now Deck #3 they can't go out on since it has a set
of steps down to the lower level.  We didn't bring anything
to block that off which is ok because they have enough space.
Well that's it for Day #1 in beautiful, sunny and slightly warm
Duck.  I'm going off to do a little sewing before we head out to 
try a new restaurant [for us] tonight for dinner.  


  1. I hope y'all enjoy your vacation! We're planning a beach trip at the end of the month. Finlay will be tagging along!

  2. Ah vacation, sounds wonderful. Julep and Derby look like they are enjoying themselves

  3. Looks great and the dogs will love their critter tv, Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Who is enjoying the vacation more--the Westies or their parents?