Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dogs & Holiday Dots Christmas Tree Skirt

 I whipped up this 43"circular tree skirt yesterday.
It was a last minute donation to the FB auction
starting today for a Carin terrier rescue group.
 Secretly this was a practice tree skirt before I make the
one for my friend Laura.  I used cotton batting between the layers
and just did a simple quilt line between the wedges to hold
everything in place.  This is a Simplicity pattern that has
one other tree skirt as well as a few stocking patterns in it.
Two tree skirts in one! 
I used pretty fabric on the back so the skirt is reversible. 
Letter ... W ... and ... Letter ... E
Our Guild Outreach asked members to take home pre-cut letter kits,
complete them and bring them back today.  From what I understand these letters 
will then be incorporated into quilts going to a local pre-school.
I picked the W and E for the beginning of the word 'WEstie'.
I did find the rest of the letter patterns [from Moda] to complete the spelling
of 'Westie' ... I have a quilt due in January for the Suncoast
Florida Westies group big event and am thinking of a
design using the letters W E S T I E.

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  1. The tree skirts look great. Have a Wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly