Friday, November 21, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Groomed Westies!

 The westies had their pre-Thanksgiving grooming appointment
with Ms. Paulette.  They greeted me with these cute little
bandannas around their neck and then made a direct beeline 
to the exit door.  I think they had enough of a good thing.
 It was an exhausting time for Derby.
 Red headed woodpecker looking for food
in the bark of our locus tree.
 Putting the final touches on Christmas decorations.
 I'm actually calling this my 'grace time period' ... meaning the time
between negotiating with the 'potential' buyers and not
packing a single box until everyone signs on the 
.... dotted line.... this is very nerve racking!

I've been sewing my fingers to the bones trying
to get all the self-imposed fun holiday sewing projects
[I committed to] prior to knowing someone would
expect us to move out by January 30.  After all parties
are in agreement I will take packing serious...
until then I will do my projects and continue to
look at rental houses 

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  1. Beautiful decorations! You two look adorable after your groom!!!