Sunday, December 14, 2014

We Can Take A Breather!

 Some good and breaking news!
We can take a short breather from packing
and enjoy what is left of the holiday season.
I may even bake cookies between slowly packing boxes.
 The 'new' owners of our home decided to let us 'rent back' 
for the months of February and March ... mainly because
we couldn't find a rental to move into.  I can't tell you
the stress we both were feeling looking for one.
But the good news is ... that we did find a nice rental home
close to the property we will be building on.  This rental will
not be available until March 1 ... so I'm praying we have a
mild non-snow/sleet month of March. 
 This was going to be my last quilt in this home ... but
I may be able to squeeze out one or two more.  I made this 
westie quilt for a group in Florida to use as a fund raiser.
They made a pledge to the Westie Foundation of America in
the amount of $1,000 ... this will help them meet that goal.
Since I have a little more breathing room I will be making
the Florida group a few sets of standard size pillowcases.
This allows me to do another good deed plus it will
free up fabric space in my bins ... there is always a
method to my madness!


  1. So pleased for you that things are sorting themselves out. Fingers crossed it all works out. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. that must be such a relief.
    Your quilt is really cute.

  3. Really Happy for you, Katie. There are so many nice people out there.