Saturday, January 24, 2015

Another Busy Day for Flat Stanley

Day 2 ... We're Going For A Ride 
I have to admit having Flat Stanley around is
pretty exciting ... anything to take my mind off
of packing, cleaning, and moving boxes.
 First Stop ... the Recycling Center
All the pictures [I'm posting] are sent via text out
to Sarah to share with Kaitlyn.  I want Kaitlyn to know
to know exactly what Flat Stanley is doing.
 I'm not sure Flat Stanley was excited about being the
'comma' between Bozman and Maryland but it was
only for a second and Wilson took good care of him.
 Meeting Post Mistress Barbara
Flat Stanley wanted to meet the person who took 
such good care of him when he arrived in Bozman
and before I could pick him up.
 Deciding on stamps to buy
Flat Stanley wanted to know about the annual January
postal increase and was told by Post Mistress Barbara there
would be none.  Here is some info I want to share:

USPS Will Not Increase Postage Rates in January 2015
The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) recently announced there will be no 
changes to mailing and shipping rates in January 2015. 
This means the cost to send a one ounce First Class Letter will 
remain $0.49 in January 2015. And there will be no increase 
in prices for shipping services which includes Priority Mail, Priority 
Mail Express, First Class Package Service, Media Mail and Parcel Select.

UPS and FedEx to Increase Rates by Average of 4.9% in 2015
In October, UPS announced they were increasing rates by 4.9% 
on average (effective December 29, 2014). And FedEx announced 
they were increase rates by an average of 4.9% 
on standard list rates effective January 5, 2015. Both UPS Ground and FedEx 
Ground/Home Delivery will also be incorporating DIM pricing in 2015, 
which is expected to increase rates.

USPS Rates Could Be Adjusted Later in 2015
While USPS postage rates are not increasing in January 2015, 
there could still be an increase – or even a decrease – sometime later in 2015. 
In January 2014, the USPS applied for an “Exigent Price Increase” 
due to significant USPS losses that occurred during The Great Recession. 
This Exigent Price Increase allowed the USPS to increase rates 
higher than rate of inflation in order to recover the approximate
 $2.8 billion lost. Once the exigent/higher rates recovers the $2.8 billion total, 
expected to be in early fall of 2015, the USPS could then make additional rate adjustments.

 Dropping boxes off at the storage unit with
Julep and Derby.
Wilson and Flat Stanley had a good time putting together
the plastic shelves in our storage unit.  They are best
buddies and worked very well together.  

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  1. Stanley had a busy day. Nice to hear postal rates aren't going up, it seems everything else is