Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Football, Quilt, Snow, Packing

 Wilson and his girl Julep watching football.  We're sorry
the Colt's didn't win ... but there can only be one winner
and the best team won.  Countdown to Super Bowl Sunday!

 I told Wilson I was taking this picture from the back so
you could see they were actually watching the game.
 This is the letterbox quilt pattern I finished for our friend Michael to take
home to his wife who recently had foot surgery and is still in recovery.

 The creek is frozen enough that the geese can walk on it.
 Derby watching me take pictures in the yard.
I love ... love ... love that face of his!
 Yum ... yum
 It just started to snow as our friend left for his drive back to Jersey.

As of this writing our deck is now covered in about 1/2" of
snow and it's still coming down so I'm going to pack a few
more boxes.  Moving is in 4 weeks so I may not be
posting a lot since time is running out ...YIKES! 


  1. Love the colors in that quilt. I can see why you love that Derby face, it's cute as can be

  2. Still chuckling over Derby's snack attack. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly