Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day

 Happy Valentine's Day!

 Julep got a new little red ball
for Valentine's Day.
 The news reported that tulips
are taking the place of roses
for Valentine's Day.
What do you think about that?

 Movers come in 7 days!
I think the westies know
something is up or they know
I'm on the verge of a nervous
Have a great Valentine's Day.
You may not see many posting on the blog
over the next 7 days due to moving 'cause
I'm silently freaking out with everything that
still needs to be done prior to closing on the 27th.
It's amazing how much bigger this house is 
when all the excess furniture has been sent
away to consignment and tons of stuff donated
to various local causes. 


  1. Happy Valentines to you. Have a super Saturday and we hope some good things come your way.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Happy Valentines Day. Hope the next 7 days go smoothly for you