Sunday, March 15, 2015

Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

 This week just flew by ... quickly!
Westies will be groomed on Friday.
I so glad I left them longer than usual this winter
but it's now time to get them clipped for Easter.
 A new quilt I'm working on.  This one will go into the
Scottie Rescue Houston, TX at the end of the month.
 My dear sweet quilter friend Chris is always on
the lookout for westie/scottie fabric for me since she
knows I donate so much to various rescue groups.
Chris came across yards and yards and yards of this
Scottie fabric.  I decided to use it for pillowcases.  These
cases will be an added bonus to the person who wins the
quilt I showed [in a previous post] - bidding ends on Monday night
and as of now that quilt is up to $150.00 for Westie Rescue
Michigan.  Chris also gave me yards and yards of Scottie
flannel which I will make into cases later in the year.  
Also sending a thanks to JoAnn who picked up the fabric
for me from Chris at the last Guild meeting.  
 This is all the fabric I have in my everyday stash.
The Xmas fabric is still in a plastic tub.  I'm in dire
need of a trip to PA with my sister and that trip
is scheduled on April 10 ... PA here we come!
 I've never seen another westie with as much head fur as
Derby ... he grows coat like crazy!
 Julep ... in need also ... but she still looks cute.
 They love the size of my sewing room and well so do I!

 Can you spot the westie?
 Julep and Derby don't bother with morning naps
anymore ... why ... because they're afraid they might
miss something.  They love this house and watching
the neighborhood people walk their dogs.  Now the problem
is that Wilson and I are constantly saying 'no barks'.
 The chair we didn't know what to do with is now in my
sewing room ... as well as lamps, artwork and other stuff.
 Once I get my sewing room cleaned up and organized
just a little better I'll take a few pictures of my 'space'.
A welcome gift from our next door neighbors.  I found out
that we know many of the same people ... so that's it for
now ... thanks for stopping by and have a great week.


  1. I juat adore Derby. He is the spitting image of my late Samson. Can I ask which breeder you used? After Samsons passing I decided to wait on another Westie but I just can't imagine not having a westie in my life.

  2. Loved the pic of the two of them looking out of the window. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I can so relate to the "no barks" Duke was always spotting something even when we couldn't see it he