Saturday, March 28, 2015

What They Did & What I Did ... Today.

 100% True
 ... What Julep & Derby Did Today...
Looked out the upstairs windows and barked
at every little thing that went by.
I've never seen them so alert. 
 When a rest is needed but they still wanted to look out
the window the sill is at a perfect height for a head rest.
 Taking a short break from the neighborhood watch
they couldn't resist the warm towels from the dryer.
I've given up trying to keep the windows free of
westie nose prints.
 Julep ... resting on ... Derby
 After the warm towel nap it was time to start playing.
These westies play hard and fast.
 From play time to taking another break on the big bed.
 After the big bed nap it was play time again.
I love how Julep has her paw up in the air like
she's waving to Derby.  Really she's ready to swat 
him on the nose.  They love to agitate each other.
 Derby under the table skirt.  This is how they play.
They have their own games, rules and the strangest 
sounds.  It's a riot to watch them.
 Finishing up projects ... finally put the Tidal Pool
quilt together.  I'm not sure what to do with it.  Wilson
really likes it but he said it doesn't match anything
we have.  Little does he know that a quilt doesn't
have to match 'anything' ... a quilt is a quilt!
 This one is so sweet!  It's sized as a baby quilt or even
as a small lap quilt because I wanted to use the fabric
[below] on the back.  I know this will do well on one
of the westie rescue auctions.  I have enough blocks
left over to make a [larger] one with a slightly different
layout ... which will be my Sunday project. 
So ... that's it for now.
Have a great day & thanks for popping by.


  1. Play,sleep, eat, play, is a tough life. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Do you sell your quilts or take orders? I know you donate a lot of them, but I would love one. Just wondering...

  3. Love the Scottie / Westie fabric in the last two.
    Sweet William The Scot

  4. It's tough being a westie eat sleep play repeat. Beautiful quilts, I really like the backing fabric. I agree quilts never have to match ;-)