Saturday, April 18, 2015

Julep Picked Out Her Birthday Present!

 This afternoon Wilson & I asked Julep what she wanted
for her 7th birthday present ... she thought, and 
scratched, and thought some more and came up
with a trip to Duck, NC.  Wilson and I were shocked
partly because we thought she would ask for a day of
continual treats and belly rubs.
 So being the good Mommy Katie I am ... I 
immediately started looking on line.  I found both
of our normal rentals were already booked and not
available until October ... so I continued to delve even
further into homes for rent via different Outer Banks
rental agencies.
 I landed on VRBO and for those that don't know this
is a website for Vacation Rentals By Owners.  
 Trying not to get Julep's hopes up too high I found
a beautiful home in the center of Duck that wasn't ocean
front but ocean view.  Pets needed to be approved by the owner
so even though this home said that it 'could be' pet
friendly I wasn't hopeful ... but I still called.
 I spoke to a nice agent and explained that this was Julep's
7th birthday and she really wanted to spend
her birthday in Duck.  The agent made a quick phone
call to the owner and she said yes ... yes, we can 
have pets in this beautiful home!
 So on Saturday, May 2 we will be driving to 
Duck for a week vacation.  Wilson is happy, Julep
is happy, Derby will be happy with new places to
sniff and I'm happy to sew by the ocean!
 Our rental named ... BEBE
I may never-ever want to leave this rental!
This home is unbelievable at 4,000 square feet with an
elevator no less!  You've got to see the pictures so
use this link:
... and all this was accomplished in 30 minutes!


  1. Wow we'd never want to leave either. Pawsome. Have a super Saturday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow, dat are gonna be one pawsome birthday!

  3. WOW That is some house. Julep is one lucky pup.