Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Birthday Trip & My Fabric Selections

 Deb and I left her house mid-morning on Friday for
our two day fabric shopping trip in the Amish country.  
 I think Deb drove on road that the Amish didn't
even know about ... we were all over the place ...
from Denver, Pa to Intercourse, PA.
 Walking to the Old Country Store ... one of our favorites.
We did notice that all the fabric prices have gone up.
 The Amish are a working people.  We saw so many of them
 preparing the fields for planting.
 Now to the good stuff ... my fabric selections.
 My friend Leslie {has 3 westies}.  She asked me to make
her a brightly colored quilt ... so here's the selection of 
Batiks I will use.  I'm also going to do something
different for the back.   I've printed out the instructions
from Moda on how to make letter blocks.  So the back of the quilt
will read ... Rocky ... Murphy ... Opie
 White on whites.  You just can't have enough.
 The center collection of brightly colored fabrics will be
used to make a new quilt pattern called Lantern.
 Derby ... the agitator
 This selection of fabric {as well as the picture directly below}
are 2 yards cuts which means I plan to use them for quilt backs. 

 How quickly they lost interest in my fabric.
 The Big Find!
I saw this fabric on line but never figured I would
find it on our trip.  I'm guilty of purchasing 6 yards of EACH
because it's so cute.  Now what to make.
 The bunny fabric was an impulse buy just because I liked
it as well as the butterflies.  The Xmas fabric was on sale.
 Basic blender fabrics.  The pink and green fairy fabric
[over in the far right] was another impulse buy but I only
had them cut a half yard.  It will make a cute quilt for a little girl.
 Oh how I loved this line - classy and different.
 More basics for my stash.
 I've been looking at patterns using 'fat quarters' and have found
a few I like and will probably make.  How could I not buy
this grouping of nautical fat quarters!
 The Old Country Store had two beautiful quilts in the window
using the 4th of July theme.  This is one of the collections.
 Another collection of fat quarters found at  Burkholders.
 It's nice to have collections of fabrics on hand
when you don't want to stress about blending fabrics.
I'm really happy with all my fabrics and Deb & I
won't be going back to Lancaster until late fall 
maybe even early winter.  Hopefully, I'll have
enough fabric to last until our next trip.


  1. So glad you had a lovely time and a great shopping trip. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. You got some great fabrics. I can't wait to see what you turn that all in to

  3. Wow, that is a lot of fabric Yes, the price had went up on everything. In yarn the skein got smaller and the price is higher.