Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Christmas in July!

 We lost the a/c on the second level of our rental two days ago.
Of course the repair person said the unit was 'frozen' and needed
to thaw so I'll see you in a few days!  {Make a not-happy face here}.
 Because of the way the house sits on this piece of property the
back facing east and front facing west the mornings
upstairs aren't bad ... but come around 3pm it's brutal.  
The words 'sweat box' comes to mind.
 So we've been mostly hanging out downstairs and thank 
goodness cooler temps are here for the day or so.  
 Sewing for short periods I did manage to finish
the two table runners.  One will be going to the Xmas in
July FB auction for WRSE and the other one I'm not sure
what auction it will go into or I may just keep it.
 This table runner pattern is easy to make but it does take time.
It's like making a mini-quilt.
 I'll be adding some Xmas embellishments later to
jazz it up just a little more.

 You probably don't remember that one of my quilter
friends {that's you Chris D.!} gave me a garbage bag
full of Scottie flannel that I believe someone gave her.
 Since I don't use flannel on the back of quilts I decided to
make sets of pillow cases from it.  One set will go into the
Westie Rescue SE Christmas in July auction.
 6 Sets = 12 pillowcases = approx. 12+ yards of flannel
 Hey Mommy Katie ... I'm not sure where you'll be sleeping
tonight but I've got dibs on the sofa.

So ... I'm off to work in the sewing room until I can't stand
it any more.  My current project on the chalkboard is to quilt and 
bind the 5 quilts I started in the Outer Banks.

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  1. We love all things Scottie! Flannel and no AC definitely not a combination one would want.
    Sweet William The Scot