Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Roxy, Katie, Charlie & The Paper Canoe

 Meet Roxy
Roxy is a 5 year old golden retriever who is lovin'
life on the Outer Banks.  This happens to be Roxy's first 
trip to the 'Banks and I have a feeling it wouldn't be her last!
I just happen to have a treat in my purse for Roxy.  
 Mommy Katie & Roxy
 Daddy Charlie having some fun at Roxy's expense!  
 Roxy as we're leaving for dinner ... how cute is this!
Mommy Katie packed some of Roxy's favorite toys to play
with and this is the second one Roxy showed me.  
 A 5 star restaurant ... just a short ride down the road from
our rental.  Paper Canoe is a casual, contemporary restaurant 
serving American fusion and seafood specialities.
 My wedge salad as an appetizer.
 Wilson had an appetizer of sea scallops.
 Charlie and Katie both had the grilled romaine salad.
 Wilson, Katie & Charlie had the special which was
yellow tail snapper ... I on the other hand [don't care for fish]
went for the house made ravioli topped with lump crab
meat ... everything was excellent.   We also met the chef
 who came out to our table for a chat.
A nice night was had by all.
 Sunset over Sound from our table at Paper Canoe.
Have a nice day from Roxy


  1. Roxy is a doll. My sister's Golden Rocco would love to meet her! Rocco also loves the Outer Banks they all visit the east coast.
    It doesn't look like anyone is starving down there! Have fun...J.